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Water Safety Signage

Cover of National Aquatic and Recreational Signage Style ManualSignage is an established risk treatment, particularly where remote supervision is required. A signage system alerting people to the warnings of potential dangers or hazards should be provided at appropriate locations by the authority responsible for managing aquatic environments.

The National Aquatic and Recreation Signage Style Manual (3rd Ed.) provides guidelines for the design and application of advisory water safety signs that is consistent with Australian Standards (AS2416) and best practice. Any sign in an aquatic environment should conform to the design, location and legibility advice given in this manual.

The Guide is picture-based and uses international symbols wherever possible to ensure that signs can be easily understood by all visitors. The manual also contains information on specific structure and installation requirements and the prioritisation of sign-based messages.

To access the Signage Style Manual please download the document below;

National Aquatic and Recreational Signage Style Manual

Signage Safety Assessments

Royal Life Saving offers Safety Assessments on aquatic safety signage, whether located in a closed environment such as a swimming pool or an open water environment such as a beach, lake or a river.