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Lifeguard Challenge Series

The Australian Lifeguard Network Lifeguard Challenge Series is a fantastic event for Lifeguards. Combining events from the sport of Pool Lifesaving, social activities, networking and a bit of fun the Lifeguard Challenge offers a complete package of off-duty activities.

The Lifeguard Challenge is held at an aquatic facility over one evening and involves teams of 4-6 lifeguards from various facilities in that State. The teams compete in Pool Lifesaving sport and novelty events (you compete in as many or as few events as you wish). The winning team on the night gets to take away not only a trophy but prizes as well.

The best way to get involved is to put a team together with other lifeguards at your facility and to contact your local branch of Royal Life Saving to see where and when the next Lifeguard Challenge is being held. Another option may be to host a Lifeguard Challenge at your facility and challenge your neighbouring facilities to see who will reign supreme.

Click here for more information about the format of the Lifeguard Challenge.

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ACT Lifeguard Challenge

The 2015 ACT Lifeguard Challenge will take place on Friday 6th February from 5.00 p.m. at Dickson Aquatic Centre.

Dickson won the rights to host the 2015 event when they won last year’s competition – a seemingly easy feat with 20 competitors representing the one pool. As well as hosting and bragging rights, DAC also took home the prestigious ACT LIFEGUARD CUP TROPHY which has been proudly displayed at the facility for the past 12 months.

Dickson lifeguards will be out to defend their title and trophy this year as they enter into the variety of Lifeguard Challenge events against other participating teams from ACT Public Pools. A total of 7 events will make up the Challenge and scores will be tallied on times and overall participation.

Royal Life Saving ACT says the competition allows lifeguards to show off the remarkable skills they have and train to use for emergency situations.

Royal Life Saving ACT Executive Director, Cherry O’Connor, said “The atmosphere at these events is so fun and friendly. This is a really great competition and a chance for top lifeguards from across the ACT to get together.”

Events include obstacle swims, timed rescue races and specific rescue scenarios …There are also relays and rope throw events. Spectators are encouraged and volunteers will be welcomed for assistance with equipment management, scoring, competitor liaisons and general help.

This annual event started in 2012. History of the ACT LIFEGUARD CUP TROPHY:

2012 – Dickson Aquatic Centre

2013 – Australian Institute of Sport

2014 – Dickson Aquatic Centre

Information for 2015 entries:

  • Entries close at 5pm, Friday 23rd January 2015
  • Cost is $50 per team entry
  • Teams must consist of 4 competitors
  • Minimum 1 female for Mixed Competition
  • 4 females for Female Competition

For more information on Lifeguard Challenge events CLICK HERE

Download your Registration Form here: ACT Lifeguard Challenge Registration Form
Volunteer and Media Enquiries to Cherry O'Connor, Executive Director of Royal Life Saving ACT

Email: Office: 6113 1992 Mobile: 0411 480 437

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