Children on edge of pool


Wading Pools

Small size, big risk

Wading PoolsWading pools – also known as paddling pools, inflatable pools and portable pools – are essentially any type of pool that can be purchased and set up at home for personal use. They range in size from small pools designed for very young children to larger pools that can hold more than 10 adults.

Because of their small and portable design, wading pools are often not considered the significant drowning risk that they actually are – especially to small children. And, because they are shallow and contained, parents too easily leave their children alone to go and attend to other business believing that their children are safe.

Unfortunately, children drown in wading pools every year but some simple precautions will keep wading pools fun and safe.

Actively supervise your child whenever they are in, on, or around the water. Drain and deflate wading pools after use and don’t leave them where they can easily fill with rain water. Fill the pool with only a small amount of water and if your pool is over 300mm deep, it is required by law to be fenced.

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