ACT Swim for Life Program

ACT Swim for Life ProgramRoyal Life Saving ACT and the Canberra Labor Club share a strong partnership that focuses on increasing access to swimming and water safety education for Canberran children. Since the formation of the partnership thousands of children have participated in swimming and water safety programs under the ‘Canberra Labor Club - Swim 4 Life’ banner. The Canberra Labor Club’s ‘Swim 4 Life’ program provides opportunities for ACT children to participate in, and have access to all sorts of aquatic activities, regardless of their background.

The localised ‘Swim 4 Life’ brand aims to generate community awareness and a higher profile for swimming and water safety education within the ACT. Swim 4 Life is all about inclusivity and provides sponsorship for participants in the ACT Primary Schools Swim and Survive Program by discounting lesson and transport costs. Free ‘Swim 4 Life’ holiday programs are hosted each year for children who are identified and nominated through Royal Life Saving ACT community partners such as Barnardo’s and YWCA-Canberra.

The facilitation of this program is sponsored by Royal Life Saving Society – Australia through the national Swim and Survive Fund and scholarships are available for children who may not have previously had the chance to take part in structured aquatic programs before.

The Canberra Labor Club also contributes through ‘Swim 4 Life’ to other local Royal Life Saving community and school events such as Active Family Fun Days, WaterSmart and Ngadyung – Canberra’s own Aboriginal Aquatic Recreation Program.

ACT Swim for Life ProgramACT Swim for Life Program

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