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From 29 April 2013, pool owners are required to register their backyard swimming pools in an online register to be provided by the NSW State Government. Visit the register website at www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au and follow the easy registration steps.

Swimming pool registration is free. If you can’t access the online register after 29 April 2013, your local council will be able to register on your behalf (a fee of up to $10.00 may apply).

The Register will promote pool safety and pool compliance in response to the challenge of reducing the number of deaths and injuries to children in backyard swimming pools in NSW. The Register will provide pool owners with pool safety checklists to help them to self-assess their pool’s safety. Pool owners will be asked to indicate that, to the best of their knowledge, their swimming pool complies with the Standard applicable to their pool. There may be a penalty applied to owners who fail to register a swimming pool by 29th October 2013 (penalty notice amount of $220).

Are you selling, buying or leasing a property with a pool or spa? 

From 29 April 2015, all properties with a swimming pool or spa pool that are sold or leased must have a valid swimming pool certificate of compliance. 


Be Pool Safe Campaign    Be Pool Safe Campaign 

Royal Life Saving NSW CEO David Macallister has called on all backyard pool owners in NSW to "Be Pool Safe" and sign up to the NSW Swimming Pool Register, which opened on Monday 29th April 2013.

The campaign, which is a collaboration between Royal Life Saving NSW and the NSW Government, is all about taking steps to get information into the hands of pool owners and identifying where they are.

As part of the “Be Pool Safe’’ campaign all 152 councils across NSW received an information pack and support resources. 

“The statistics speak for themselves. In the past 10 years, 67 children aged 0 to 4 have drowned in New South Wales swimming pools,’’ David Macallister said.

Backyard swimming pools remain the most common location for both drowning death and injury in kids under 5 in NSW.

The “Be Pool Safe’’ campaign from Royal Life Saving NSW urges all pool owners across NSW to help tackle head on the terrible toll of child drowning.

Pool Owners are asked to spend just 3 minutes of their time registering their pool for free online at:www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au

“It is critical all pool owners register their pools so councils and water safety educators can more effectively communicate with pool owners to try and halt drownings.

NSW Government - Division of Local Government


Pool Self Assessment Checklists:

To find the right self-assessment checklist you will need to know a few things about your pool:

  • When was it built or installed?
  • If the pool fence or means of access to the pool was substantially rebuilt or altered, when did that last occur?
  • What type of pool do you have - indoor? spa pool? outdoor? portable?
  • Was the pool built before 1 July 2010. If so, the rules are different if you have:
    • a waterfront property,
    • a small-sized property (less than 230 square metres)
    • or a large property (over 2 hectares).

Click here to download the most relevant checklist.

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