Anna Petherick and the English Channel Relay Swim

Anna Petherick

The English Channel is 23.69 land miles across from the White Cliffs of Dover at Shakespeare Beach in England, to Cap Gris-Nez in France. Most people end up swimming between 30 and 40 miles (around 38-60 kilometres) due to the tidal current.

Anna Petherick and seven of her brave friends are about to undertake a challenge of a lifetime – relay swimming across the English Channel in sixteen degree water and no wetsuits, to raise funds for eight different charities.

While writing an article about climate change earlier in the year, Anna came across some terrifying statistics that caught her eye. “When a category five tropical cyclone struck Bangladesh in 1991, fourteen women died for every male fatality”.

The article looked at the kind of problems that are likely to become more common as the climate shifts and sadly, drowning deaths were among the key issues.

In her search to find a charity that provides swimming lessons for children in cyclone-prone countries, Anna came across the Royal Life Saving Global Drowning Fund.

The Global Drowning Fund seeks to bring the issue of child drowning in developing countries to the forefront of international development, debate and policy.

The drowning statistics are simply staggering. During daylight hours, one child drowns in Asia every 45 seconds on average, and half of those that do are under five years of age. As a leading cause of death in children aged 0-17, drowning is not just an epidemic, but one, that with the right resources, can be easily prevented.  

Evidence shows that teaching children basic swimming and water safety skills is the single most effective way to prevent children over five years of age from drowning. SwimSafe is a program that teaches children essential swimming and water safety skills in Bangladesh, Vietnam and Thailand. The swimming and water safety skills the children learn through the SwimSafe program continue to reduce their risk of drowning for the remainder of their childhood.  

In September, Anna will be relay swimming The English Channel in support of the Global Drowning Fund. Help Anna to raise funds to teach essential swimming, water safety and personal survival skills in countries where they need it the most.

Support Anna TODAY by making a donation to help reduce child drowning http://www.justgiving.com/Anna-Petherick2.

For more information about the Royal Life Saving Global Drowning Fund, please visit www.globaldrowningfund.org.au.