Young Migrants Learn Swimming and Water Safety


This week, 190 students from St Paul’s College in Adelaide will participate in a five-day Swim and Survive program to learn foundation skills in swimming, survival and basic rescue.

Nick Gillard, Sport and co-curricular Development Coordinator at St Pauls College, said the students come from diverse backgrounds and have a low level of swimming ability. Royal Life Saving research shows people from multicultural backgrounds are more likely to miss out on learning to swim.

“It’s really important that the boys learn swimming and water safety skills, to save their lives and the lives of people around them. The main thing is making sure the boys are aware that the safer they are around the water the more fun they will ultimately have,” said Nick Gillard.

“I believe that if we can get our boys to understand water safety and how important it is to be responsible around the water, then this can have an effect on the rest of their family, and the community around them in years to come.”

The program will be delivered at Payneham Swimming Centre by Royal Life Saving South Australia, and is funded by the Australian Government.

Royal Life Saving facilitates swimming and water safety programs around the country for at risk groups to help remove barriers to access.

“Playing in backyard swimming pools, picnics by the river, and splashing around at the beach are very much a part of everyday life in Australia. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the water safely, and with this program the boys from St Pauls will develop skills and knowledge to do just that” said Jayne Minear, CEO, Royal Life Saving South Australia.

Nick Gillard, Sport and co-curricular Development Coordinator at St Pauls College said the lessons are life changing for the boys and their families.

“Without this funding most of our families are unable to access and swimming and water safety programs. This is a life-changing opportunity to help our boys become aware of the dangers of the water, show them how to behave in the water, and ultimately show them how much fun the water can be,” said Nick Gillard.

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