Junior Lifeguard Club

ACT Junior Lifeguard ClubACT Junior Lifeguard Club

What’s it all about?

The ACT JUNIOR LIFEGUARD CLUB (JLC) takes a different approach to aquatic skills training. Delivered in a fun and engaging environment, JLC offers a collection of activities and achievements not found in other typical structured learn to swim, squad swimming, or water safety education programs.

Research has shown us that the more a child is exposed to aquatic recreation, the safer they will be when participating in water-based activities. Each year swim schools and swimming squads across the ACT experience a high number of drop-out rates for children aged 9-15 years.

The JLC program offers an alternative option to keep children in this age group engaged and active in aquatic recreational pursuits, thus reducing their risk of drowning and involvement in water related incidents.

What’s involved?

The JLC program incorporates 10 activity streams to produce unique progress and achievement opportunities. Participants have the opportunity to complete a range of challenges across all streams and gain points as they achieve their milestones. Their progression will take them through various program stages until they reach a pinnacle point that can lead to aquatic industry employment opportunities, and/or lifesaving competition pathways.

In the JLC program, participants are rewarded based on effort as well as achievement making it unique to most other structured aquatic programs.

Stages of the program are designed to challenge the individuals’ knowledge and skills whilst developing in other areas such as teamwork and overall fitness.

Who Can Join?

The ACT JUNIOR LIFEGUARD CLUB is targeted at 8-15 year olds who have fulfilled their potential within an existing learn-to-swim or squad swimming program yet wish to continue to participate in regular structured aquatic activities.

The JLC is currently available to ACT schools for students in Years 4 and up. It will soon become available to ACT Public Pools, Swim Schools and other sporting groups to offer as an in-house program option.

To register your interest in hosting a Royal Life Saving ACT Junior Lifeguard Club program please us at programs@royalact.com.au