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Hotels, Motels, Camping and Caravan Grounds

Cover of GWS - Hotel, Motel, Camping and Caravan GroundsThe development, usage and promotion of any body of water carries with it an residual level of risk to those partaking in aquatic based activity. Such a scenario places heavy emphasis behind the very real need for constant supervision of all people using hotel, motel, camping and caravan ground aquatic environments by parents, guardians or where appropriate paid supervisory personnel.

In order to support such a need, the Royal Life Saving Society - Australia has produced the Guidelines for Water Safety - Hotel, Motel and Camping Grounds. These guidelines offer direction and assistance in the areas of water safety, injury prevention and superior best practice management. The fundamental aspects behind these Guidelines are the implementation of an Emergency Action Plan, Signage, Rescue Equipment and Risk Management Assessment, along with proactive Supervision levels, whether paid or voluntary.

The Guidelines for Water Safety - Hotel, Motel, Camping and Caravan Grounds are relevant for any swimming pool and spa facility located within a hotel, motel camping or caravan ground environment.

These Guidelines are directed for:

  • Swimming pool and facility operators
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Managerial personnel
  • Industry bodies
  • Staff

These Guidelines have been created to hold relevant advice for designers, developers, government authorities, tourism industry personnel, governing bodies and hotel, motel, camping and caravan ground staff and cliental. These guidelines should be integral to the design, operation and long-term success of swimming pools and spas within the hotel, motel, camping and caravan ground environment. These guidelines offer pool operators significant and detailed information on the management of aquatic facilities, while providing a secure, user-friendly aquatic environment for all hotel, motel, camping and caravan ground guests.