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Australian Lifeguard Network

Australian Lifeguard Network LogoThe Australian Lifeguard Network is a community of Pool Lifeguards and aquatic professionals. The aim of the Australian Lifeguard Network is to benefit its members by:

  • Supporting Lifeguarding as a genuine career opportunity;
  • Raising the standard of Lifeguarding in Australia by supporting training and professional development;
  • Providing opportunities for the aquatics industry, and Lifeguards in particular to come together and share ideas and experiences;
  • Providing better access to industry leaders and experts;
  • To improve the level of safety in our aquatic facilities by ensuring our people are highly trained and well-equipped to deal with the challenges they face every day; and
  • Engaging in conversations with industry about what they want and need from their Network.

The Australian Lifeguard Network hopes to fulfil these aims by supporting employers and Lifeguards undertaking in-service training.

Current Lifeguard training programs provide the foundation of knowledge and skills needed to begin working as a Lifeguard. However, the growing diversity in aquatic facilities and the different demands on Lifeguards specific to their workplace heightens the need for regular training specific to the facility’s needs.

Most often Lifeguards will also be working as a team. That means that they also need to develop the skills and relationships that ensure that they function effectively when working together. Employers and managers need to facilitate opportunities for Lifeguards to work together and learn each others idiosyncrasies so that when the time comes Lifeguards respond appropriately and effectively.

The Australian Lifeguard Network will support Lifeguard training by providing a range of resources to be used by employers and managers in delivering in-service training. These include training program overviews, session plans, assessment and activity guides. In addition, learning materials to support the delivery of these sessions will also be available and Lifeguards will have the opportunity to take responsibility for their own professional development if they so choose.

As the Australian Lifeguard Network grows we hope that you as Lifeguards will contribute to the repository of information available through this site by sharing your own resources and learning materials with the Network.

The Australian Lifeguard Network has been developed by Royal Life Saving however it is intended that the ideas shared through the Network are those of Pool Lifeguards and aquatics professional working throughout Australia. For the Australian Lifeguard Network to be successful we need you to sign up and share your ideas with us. Tell your friends, tell your employer, get the word out - the Australian Lifeguard Network is here bringing Australia's Pool Lifeguards together.