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Swim School Programs

Group Huddle Water safety initiatives play a vital role in educating the community about how to be safe in, on, and around the water.

Royal Life Saving has a diverse range of water safety education programs that are delivered in schools, pools and community centres every day by qualified Royal Life Saving instructors and examiners.

Our key training and education programs include Resuscitation and Emergency Care, First Aid, Swim and Survive, Water Smart, Bronze Medallion and Advanced Life Saving.

By joining forces with Royal Life Saving you will be equipping people in your community with valuable lifesaving skills and knowledge. You will be actively working to save lives.

Delivering Royal Life Saving programs at your facility will provide you with an endless and diverse range of activities and opportunities. For example, you could add a resuscitation course to your water awareness class or offer the Swim and Survive program to local schools. First Aid is a fantastic addition to your holiday or vacation program and can also be offered to local community groups such as Scouts.

Many people working in the aquatics industry have the appropriate skills and knowledge to deliver a range of lifesaving programs. Facility staff are encouraged to become a Royal Life Saving instructor or examiner and gain supplementary skills in teaching lifesaving programs in your community.

Royal Life Saving programs are supported by quality teaching and learning resources to assist with the implementation and delivery of lifesaving at your facility.

To find out how your facility and staff can get involved, please contact Royal Life Saving in your State or Territory.