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Swim and Survive Fund

Royal Life Saving believes that access to swimming and water safety education is the right of all children living in Australia. While many children are learning valuable skills in swimming, personal survival and basic rescue, thousands of children are missing out, putting them at grave risk of drowning.

Research conducted by Royal Life Saving has found that children from lower socio-economic areas, Indigenous communities, culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds or those that live in rural and remote locations are most likely to miss out on swimming and water safety education because of a lack of access or financial disadvantage.

The Swim and Survive Fund aims to provide free or subsidised swimming and water safety courses for children who would otherwise miss out.


Your facility can help!

With your support, we can provide more children in Australia with the opportunity to learn to Swim and Survive, by teaching them valuable water safety skills that could one day save their life.

Become a Swim and Survive Fund Partner today by:

  • Donating a course of swimming lessons
  • Subsidising a course of swimming lessons
  • Making a cash donation
  • Conducting your own fundraising activity via Everyday Hero