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Australian Water Safety Strategies

Towards a nation free from drowning

Since 1998 the Australian Water Safety Council (AWSC) has produced National Water Safety Plans and Strategies to guide the activities of the Australian water safety community and work towards a reduction of drowning deaths.

The Consultative Draft of the Australian Water Safety Strategy 2016-20 has now been released. This new draft builds upon the successes of past Strategies, and seeks to strengthen our efforts to achieve a 50% reduction in drowning by the year 2020.This version is titled 'Consultative Draft' in recognition of the benefits of early and widespread consideration of the draft priorities, actions and attempts to reflect State and Territory drowning prevention issues, progress and priorities.

This is a new step in the Strategy development process, and so we are now seeking feedback from a diverse range of stakeholders including State and Territory water safety councils, federal, state and local government, organisations, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, community and the private sector. This consultative draft has been developed based on feedback, consensus achieved at the National Drowning Prevention 2014, a review of data, literature and approaches in Australia and beyond.

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Australian Water Safety Strategies