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Summer Drowning Toll

The Royal Life Saving Summer Drowning Toll will return December 2018

This summer, Royal Life Saving tracked fatal drowning. Print, broadcast and online media were used to collate reported drowning deaths across the country. As well as a regularly updated toll, further analysis was provided including breakdowns by sex, age, location and activity.

Royal Life Saving monitors drowning trends in order to design, develop and implement evidence-based drowning prevention strategies.

We work with Government, industry, academia and community stakeholders to reduce the number of lives lost to unintentional drowning in all aquatic locations across Australia.

Royal Life Saving Society – Australia produces the National Drowning Report each year and these summer statistics will feature in the upcoming 2018 publication, due to be released later this year.

A message from Royal Life Saving

Justin Scarr, CEO

Tragically, the 2016-17 Summer claimed the lives of too many people in Australia.

Between Christmas and New Year in particular we saw a drowning rate that was 4-5 times the average. This had a devastating impact on communities, families and friends of those lost.

This summer we encourage everyone to enjoy our wonderful rivers, beaches and swimming pools, but to do so safely.

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