Children on edge of pool


Home Pool Safety App

An interactive checklist for your home swimming pool

Ensure your home swimming pool is safe for children with Royal Life Saving’s PoolSafety app – an interactive checklist for your home swimming pool.

Child drowning and injury is a major danger for all pool owners. Fences, gates, chemicals and signage all impact on the safety of children. Standards and regulations can be a headache, and non-compliance can lead to expensive fines. PoolSafety takes the hassle out of ensuring that your pool is as safe as possible.

The comprehensive checklist covers the Swimming Pool Gate; Swimming Pool Fence; Around the swimming pool fence; Supervision; Pumps, grates and suction; Emergency Preparation; Chemicals and Electricity.

Download the Home Pool Safety App Download the PoolSafety App and use the checklist to identify a problem, take a photo and email a report. The PoolSafety App recommends actions to make your home pool safer. You can use the report as a record or to seek help to fix the problem.

PoolSafety is an initiative of the Royal Life Saving Society – Australia; Australia's largest provider of water safety education. Our programs are delivered in schools, pools and community centres daily. They are designed to build awareness of dangers in aquatic environments and to arm the community with lifesaving skills used in both prevention and rescue. Royal Life Saving is supported by the Australian Government.

Keep Watch is a public education program of Royal Life Saving Society - Australia, aimed at preventing drowning deaths of children under 5 years of age in all aquatic locations.

Disclaimer, this checklist does not substitute for a pool inspection and is for educational purposes only. Pool owners should consider getting a professional assessment of their pool's compliance.