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For Teachers

Some useful information about the National Water Safety Quiz

In 2011/12, 284 people drowned. Of these, 45 were children under the age of 18 years. Royal Life Saving believes these drowning deaths are preventable and one facet of prevention is improving the water safety knowledge of Australian children as well as their awareness of aquatic risk. This National Water Safety Quiz aims to test the water safety knowledge of Australian children to identify weaknesses or gaps in knowledge that will then be addressed in future Royal Life Saving programs and educational campaigns.

What is this project about?

Royal Life Saving Society - Australia is conducting a research project to examine the swimming and water safety knowledge of Australian children. To measure children's water safety knowledge we have developed a National Water Safety Quiz (NWSQ) which is undertaken online. The scores children achieve will be aggregated to provide an understanding of water safety knowledge in Australian children. Areas where knowledge is lacking will be targeted in future Royal Life Saving programs.

How does this Quiz work?

The Quiz can be accessed at Students will need to enter this URL which will take them to the Quiz's home page. There they will be able to read about the Quiz, take a practice question (which has no time limit) and enter their details, such as name, age, gender, school, grade, state or territory and postcode. Names are only entered to populate the certificate children can print off at the end of the Quiz and are not stored or attached to a child's results.

After entering their details children will be guided through a Quiz of 27 questions. Questions are on topics such as:

  • Safe and unsafe behaviours and hazards at a variety of aquatic locations
  • Correct and incorrect water safety rules at a variety of aquatic locations
  • Survival and rescue skills for use in emergency situations
  • Correct resuscitation (CPR) procedure

How long will the Quiz take to complete?

Students will have 20 minutes to complete the Quiz. All up teachers should allocate approximately 30 minutes of class time to the Quiz, to allow children to read the introduction, do the practice question and print out their certificate at the end. If a whole class will be taking the Quiz, please stagger the start time of the children to increase the speed with which the Quiz runs.

How long will the Quiz be online for?

The Quiz website will be available from Monday, 15 November 2010 to Thursday, April 21, 2011.

How old do children need to be to be able to take the Quiz?

The Quiz is aimed at children in year 5 at primary school (approximately 11 years old) and was developed with this age in mind. Royal Life Saving is encourages children of all ages to participate however teachers should be aware that the language used in the test is aimed at a year 5 level and may be more difficult for younger children.

How can the Quiz be used as a teaching resource?

Once the children have completed the Quiz, this gives the teacher a great opportunity to discuss the Quiz and any questions the children may have or any areas that children were unable to answer, were unsure of or would like more information on. Royal Life Saving has a wide range of materials that can be used in a classroom setting to teach water safety. There are resources on the Swim and Survive website There are also fact sheets on a number of topics on this website. 

What happens to the data?

At the end of the first testing period (April 21, 2011), Royal Life Saving will take the Quiz website down and analyse the data collected. The data will be used to identify any areas where knowledge is lacking and address this in upcoming Royal Life Saving education campaigns and programs.

Can I give feedback?

Royal Life Saving would appreciate any feedback from teachers on their experiences with the Quiz. Please send all feedback to