Royal Life Saving Society - Australia works to prevent drowning and facilitate healthy, active lifestyles by equipping all Australians with water safety skills.

There is no one reason Australians drown, so there is no one simple solution. For that reason, our approach needs to reflect the complexity of the range of issues that result in drowning deaths.

For 125 years, the Royal Life Saving Society - Australia has worked to harness the strengths of the communities we work with to reduce drowning and turn everyday people into everyday community lifesavers.

Who We Are

Everyone Can Be A Lifesaver

The Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) was founded in England in 1891 to combat a high drowning toll. The first Australian Branch was formed in New South Wales in 1894 and the movement soon spread to all States and Territories.

Today, Royal Life Saving operates as Australia's leading water safety educator. Over one million Australian's undertake a Royal Life Saving course or program every year. Learn more about:

News and Events

News and Events

Royal Life Saving keeps the community updated on water safety and drowning prevention activities and events across Australia via regular news updates on our website and social media platforms. Be sure to stay in touch:

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Honours and Awards

Honours and Awards

Royal Life Saving recognizes the importance of its volunteers through the Honours Awards System. Recognizing the significant role volunteers play in educating people in water safety, survival, rescue, resuscitation and first aid techniques in an effort to reduce injury and loss of life through drowning.

Further, commendations are given to people from all walks of life and all sections of society who have displayed exceptional or exemplary effort in the rescue, attempted rescue, resuscitation attempt or application of first aid of another human being. Commendations may also recognize outstanding rescue management or individual displays of initiative and resourcefulness in the rescue or attempted rescue of another.

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