Royal Life Saving Society - Australia is committed to recognising the efforts of its many dedicated members and volunteers. Their service can be recognised by the National Board of Directors through the use of the Commonwealth and Australian Honours Award Systems or by the individual States and Territory Member Organisations.

The awards recognise the significant role that volunteers play in educating people in water safety, survival, rescue, resuscitation and first aid techniques in an effort to reduce injury and loss of life through drowning.

Royal Life Saving Society – Australia also recognises the efforts of those outstanding members of the community who attempt to save the lives of others by carrying out rescues or performing CPR, thereby fulfilling the Royal Life Saving motto “Whomsoever you see in distress recognise in him a fellow man”.

Commonwealth Honours and Awards

The role of the Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth Headquarters is to take a leadership and partnership role in co-ordinating drowning prevention initiatives and activities world-wide by facilitating the development of community based drowning prevention strategies and lifesaving education programs across Commonwealth nations.

The Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth acknowledges the invaluable contributions of time, effort and dedication given by its many members around the Commonwealth and takes great pride in acknowledging these contributions.

Commonwealth Headquarters accept nominations for consideration by the Commonwealth Honours Committee twice a year from the Commonwealth Member Organisations around the world. Royal Life saving Society – Australia is the Member Organisation in Australia – and is responsible for collection and submission of approved Nomination and Citation forms.

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Australian National Honours and Awards

The National Office of Royal Life Saving in Australia recommends that State and Territory Member Organisations consider the volunteers from within their State/Territory be recognised at the National level for their continued service.

In considering candidates for these awards, the level and length of performance and the quality of the service rendered are the necessary and key components to be reviewed and considered before any Honour or Award may be granted. Other criteria such as contributions, membership, council or committee involvement, etc. are important factors and these may play a role in determining the candidate’s eligibility and the level of the Honour awarded.

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State and Territory Member Organisations

State and Territory Member Organisations have their own awards to complement those available through the Commonwealth and Australian Councils. Development of such awards to recognise the efforts of local volunteers is encouraged especially if these are required in order to satisfy local conditions or expectations. As the level and length of service of the volunteers expands the State and Member Territory Organisations are able to put forward their members and volunteers for further recognition at the National level.

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