Our Vision

A nation free from drowning.

Our Purpose

To lead efforts to reduce drowning and increase swimming, water safety and lifesaving skills.

Our Values

  • Leadership, Collaboration and Integrity
  • Humanitarianism/Social Entrepreneurship
  • Quality and Innovation
  • Diversity, Equality and Respect

Our Strategic Framework

Over the past century our vision has remained the same. We have always sought to reduce drowning, increase physical activity, especially in and around the water, and contribute to the creation of more resilient communities, Australia wide.

Achieving these long term goals requires a deliberate effort to promote change.

This change is best identified as:

  • Shifts in our knowledge and advances in the evidence base
  • Newly developed and adjusted policies that impact drowning prevention or that promote water safety
  • Increases in community water safety awareness and education
  • Increased adoption of the risk management systems that make aquatic environments safer
  • Shifts in individual and community behaviours, particularly among those at greatest risk

We will focus on eight priority areas:

  • Drowning prevention leadership
  • Research, policy and advocacy
  • Community awareness and action
  • Swimming, lifesaving, water safety pathway
  • Drowning prevention leadership abroad
  • Safer aquatic locations
  • Organisational cohesion and growth
  • People and culture

Royal Life Saving Strategic Framework 2016-2020 - A Nation Free From Drowning

Organisation Status

Royal Life Saving Society - Australia is a public benevolent institution (PBI) and is a Public Company Limited by Guarantee. ABN: 71 008 594 616