President- Pene Snashall
Vice President Public Officer- Alan Swinton
Secretary- Camille O'Meara

Directors- Mark Chandler, Teena Guest, Mark Hayes, Gary Kearney and Jamieson Smalley.


On 16th January, 1912 a special general meeting under the  auspices of the Southern Tasmanian Swimming Association was held at the Youth Men's Christian Association building, Murray Street, Hobart for the purpose of forming a centre of The Royal Life Saving Society.   Alderman R. J. Meagher was elected to chair the meeting,

The meeting determined that a centre of The Royal Life Saving Society be formed in Hobart and that such centre affiliate with the New South Wales or Victorian Head Centre.

No further record can be found in relation to action taken in respect of the new centre apart from the fact that lifesaving activities within the State were administered through the Victorian Branch.

It was a little over three years before the next recorded meeting was held.

On Thursday, 29th April, 1915 a meeting was held in the Mayor's Courtroom for the purpose of forming a Head Centre.   His Worship the Mayor, Alderman W. M. Williams presided over the meeting.

The Society on being formed was to be known as The Tasmania Head Centre of The Royal Life Saving Society, working under the London Head Centre Office at 8 Bayley Street, London, W.C.

On 14th July 1924 the Royal Charter was issued to the Branch.

Records suggest that in the earlier years of the Society operations were conducted from the home of the various secretaries.

From the mid 1940's the office was located at the Tepid Baths at 212 Collins Street, Hobart the place of residence and employment of the Secretary, Douglas Plaister.

Through the generosity of the Hobart City Council the  Society relocated to a house at Long Beach Sandy Bay.  This arrangement existed for 18 years until 1983 when the Council decided to dispose of the premises.

On the appointment of a Development Officer as a part time employee in 1985, an office was provided by the Education Department at "Westella' in Elizabeth Street, Hobart.  The Branch subsequently moved to premises occupied by the Office of Sport & Recreation in Kirksway Place, Battery Point.

In 1993 the Society was fortunate in acquiring office accommodation at 212 Collins Street together with Surf Life Saving Society, AUSTSWIM and the Education Department, Learn to Swim Team personnel.    This was an ideal situation as all relevant bodies were housed under the same roof.   A purpose built learn to swim pool was located on the same site.

In 1995 the first full time employee, an Executive Director, was appointed.   This was followed in 1998 by the appointment of an Education and Development Officer.

In 1999 the use of the fine pool at 212 Collins Street, Hobart was abandoned by the Education Department and subsequently the office accommodation became no longer available.

The Branch then purchased two shops at 4 Franklin Street, Lindisfarne. This being the first time in the history of the Branch that property had been purchased.

Two years later, in 2003, the remaining two shops in the complex at Lindisfarne became available and were purchased by the Branch.

The complex now provides accommodation for administrative and development staff together with a training facility.

Annual Reports

The annual report provides a summary for Royal Life Saving Society - Tasmania of the highlights, activities and educational awards issued during the financial year, together with reports from the President and Program Areas. Reports are listed below for reference.