cover of GWS - Body Corporate PoolsThe development, usage and promotion of any body of water carries with it an residual level of risk to those partaking in aquatic based activity. In order to address and respond to the level of risk associated with aquatic amenities in the body corporate area, and maintain its proactive stance as the country’s leading water safety organisation the Royal Life Saving Society Australia (RLSSA) has produced the Guidelines for Water Safety - Body Corporate Pools. These guidelines are an accumulation of wisdom and knowledge, and offer direction and assistance in the areas of water safety, injury prevention and superior best practice management, while raising awareness of what is aquatic best practice to both body corporate managers and tenants.

The Guidelines for Water Safety – Body Corporate Poolsis relevant for any swimming pool and spa facility that unit owners and occupiers can enjoy as common property under the governance of a body corporate. The Guidelines give generic advice and may be applied to a wide range of activities and operations of any body corporate aquatic environment.

The Guidelines are directed at approximately 1.6 million Australians who are members of a body corporate or who live in a property run by a body corporate As well as designers, developers, architects, government authorities, real estate agents and council.

Aquatic amenities may include:

  • Residential units
  • Apartment blocks
  • High rise style apartments
  • Retirement villages