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Your donation to Royal Life Saving will help save people's lives. They could be in your local community, or they could be around the world – either way, you will be making a difference and proving what we already know – that ‘Everyone can be a Lifesaver’.

You can donate to one or two of the Royal Life Saving fundraising programs that follow, or you can simply donate and let us decide where your gift will do the most good. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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Swim and Survive Fund

Donate - Swim and Survive Fund

Drowning remains one of the leading causes of preventable death in Australian children.

In order to prevent drowning, every Australian child must have basic swimming, water safety skills and knowledge of how to be safe when they are in, on, or around the water.

The reality is that in many communities, a swimming and water safety education is simply not accessible. Alarmingly, thousands of Australian children leave primary school every year without the ability to swim 50 metres or stay afloat for two minutes – even if their life depended on it.

The Swim and Survive Fund provides swimming and water safety courses for children experiencing social or economic disadvantage. These are often children who have had limited or no exposure to the water and vital water safety education.

Royal Life Saving utilises donations from individuals, community organisations, corporate supporters and Partner facilities to increases access to safe aquatic facilities, qualified instructors and to provide structured swimming and water safety education programs.

“The Swim and Survive Fund not only helps children to have fun while being active and making new friends, but participating in this program helps to build their confidence in the water, while learning vital swimming and water safety skills that may one day save their life” said Justin Scarr, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Life Saving Society – Australia

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Global Drowning Fund

Donate-Global Drowning Fund

The tragic extent of child drowning in Asia has only recently been uncovered. It is believed that more than 200,000 children will drown in Asia every year in countries with very few resources or skills in drowning prevention.

The Global Drowning Fund is raising awareness and funds to urgently reduce this toll.

Your donation is desperately needed.

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