Mermaid TailMermaid tails and fins have become a popular aquatic toy mainly targeted to children. Both feet go into a single fin that looks like a ‘mermaid’ tail which assists people to swim using a dolphin like movement. There are two types: one that is fully enclosed from the waist down (like the photo) and the other is a single fin for the feet only without the extended ‘tail’.

Monofins are similar, in that both feet fit into one fin. However, these fins are bigger and made of fibreglass or carbon with rubber foot pieces.  It is best to use monofins under a qualified coach.

These products are considered to be aquatic toys. Like all aquatic toys, safety precautions need to be taken whilst playing in and around the water. Swimming with mermaid tails and fins should only occur under active adult supervision at all times. The wearer should be an experienced and competent swimmer. When children first use mermaid tails and fins, they should practise in the water with an adult.

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