Another layer of safety

Pool Safety DevicesWhile a well maintained pool fence in combination with active adult supervision is the most effective method for preventing children from drowning in backyard swimming pools, additional safety can be achieved through the use of Pool Safety Devices.

Pool safety devices are products that can be used to reduce the risk of drowning. They include gate alarms, pool alarms, motion detectors, wrist bands, pool covers, gate locks and lifejackets. Each device has strengths and limitations which should be taken into consideration when thinking about including them in your pool safety strategy.

However, it must be stressed that backyard swimming pools account for half of all drowning deaths of children aged 0–4 years. Pool fencing and supervision are the most effective means of child drowning prevention with active adult supervision being required at all times when a child is in the pool or surrounding area.

Pool safety devices can give you an additional layer of safety but are no substitute for a correctly installed and regularly maintained pool fence, gate and the use of active adult supervision.

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