New locations, changing locations – keeping holidays fun

Water Safety on HolidaysThe aquatic environments you encounter while on holiday could be either completely new to you or may have changed since your last visit. So there are a few things you should do to make sure you and your family can enjoy these locations safely.

Always observe the body of water and look for any rips, currents or other potential hazards. Ask a local if there’s anything you should know about the waterway and never dive straight in but enter the water slowly, feet first.

More people drown in rivers, lakes and dams than anywhere else, so even if it looks safe enough, please remember that crumbling or slippery banks, shifting floors, submerged objects, watercraft and cold water all present significant hazards. Remember too that many inland locations do not have lifeguards on duty.

Children need constant and active supervision when they’re in, on or around the water. Holidays are a time to relax but we should never relax our supervision of children. Let your children know that they are not to enter the water without a parent present and even though they may be competent swimmers at home, the conditions could be very different in your new environment and may change dramatically within a short time.

Obey any aquatic signs and remember that children will model their behaviour on you.

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