NT Water Safety Strategy 2017-2021The Northern Territory Water Safety Strategy 2017-2021 builds upon previous Water Safety Plans and Strategies.

The strategy aligns to the Australian Water Safety Strategy 2016-2020 and is developed and reviewed by the NT Water Safety Advisory Council (NTWSAC).

The NTWSAC was established in 2002 as part of the Northern Territory Government’s 5 point Water Safety Plan. One of the major requirements of the Council was to ‘develop and implement a Northern Territory Water Safety Plan that focuses on water safety education, research and data collection and standards.

This strategy is designed to build on work that has already been done, while continuing to minimise the rate of drowning, near drowning and water related injuries in the Northern Territory.

Download the Northern Territory Water Safety Strategy 2017-2021 Here

Members of the NTWSAC meet quarterly and report six monthly to review the current action plan that underpins the strategy. The minutes of the meetings and bi-annual reports are sent to the Minister for consideration. The Chairperson will meet with the Minister as required or requested to ensure the highest standards of water safety are implemented in the Northern Territory.

The Chairperson is the designated spokesperson of the NTWSAC for media and community forums and will reinforce approved NTWSAC messages.

The strategy and action plan are reviewed as an ongoing continuous improvement model and updated versions are created as required and approved by the NTWSAC during the four year cycle.