C-Grey Medallion Lifering

The Grey Medallion program is a water safety and lifesaving skills initiative for older adults. It aims to encourage a healthy, independent and active lifestyle through the development of essential skills in order to participate in aquatic recreation activities safely.

This practical program provides older adults with personal survival techniques, improved swimming skills, skills to deal with emergency situations and a thorough understanding of water safety knowledge in order to reduce the likelihood of drowning.

Unfortunately, older Australians (those aged 55 and over) make up a large proportion of the drowning statistics in Australia and as the population is ageing this continues to increase. According to the Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report for 2015, there were 89 drowning deaths of people aged 55 years and over which accounted for 33% of all drowning deaths. Open water environments particularly rivers, creeks and streams are a concern to this life stage and with the diversity of activities they are participating in, drowning prevention becomes a challenge.

Why you should get involved

An Industry Perspective

I heard about the Grey Medallion on the radio and I would like to make more enquiries about it. I’ve just had my 60th birthday and have never forgotten the thrill of receiving my Bronze Medallion at school in 1964! It’s still hanging on my wall, as part of a quilt about my life!

Bronwyn Scherer, Camden NSW

I just wanted to thank RLSSA for the Grey Medallion training that you gave us.  I was able to put that training to good use last Friday at Auburn shopping centre. As I walked in there was a woman who appeared to be having a fit.  I was able to assist by helping to get her on the floor and into the recovery position just as we were taught. Someone called Triple Zero and someone ran across the courtyard to the Ambulance Station to get a Paramedic.  I felt good as I knew what needed to be done and did not just stand in the crowd and feel useless! Many Thanks.