Don’t drown on the land

Keep Watch @ The FarmOn average, two children under the age of five, drown in farm dams every year. In addition, for every one of those drowning deaths, there are approximately three hospitalisations.

Farms also contain many other drowning hazards. While dams are the most common location for toddler drowning deaths, troughs, irrigation channels, water tanks, swimming pools, and even rivers and lakes, pose an equally significant risk to children.

But while it is not always feasible to fence off large water bodies, there are some simple measures that can make the farm environment as safe as possible.

Royal Life Saving’s Keep Watch @ The Farm program strongly advocates for supervision to be a priority at all farm locations and for supervision to be supported by water awareness, resuscitation skills and Child Safe Play Areas.

Easy access to water and a lack of direct adult supervision by parents or carers have been the main factors in the farm drowning deaths of children.

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