Four key actions to prevent child drowning

Drowning happens quickly and silently and the impact on families can be devastating.

Children aged 0 to 4 years are at high risk of drowning. Young children are naturally curious and attracted to water but do not yet understand the concept of danger.

The Keep Watch program has four key actions to prevent your child from drowning.  These are:

  • Supervise. Actively supervise children around water
  • Restrict. Restrict children’s access to water
  • Teach. Teach children water safety skills
  • Respond. Learn how to respond in the case of an emergency

These are not individual strategies but should be used together for maximum safety – if one line of defence fails there are other prevention measures actively working to prevent your child from drowning.

Keep Watch has widespread community and industry support.

Keep Watch is proudly supported by Protector Aluminium and The Architects Choice.

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