All of your attention, all of the time

Supervise. Keep WatchActive supervision means focusing all of your attention on your children all of the time, when they are in, on or around the water. Supervision is not an occasional glance while you are busy with other activities, but being in constant visual contact with your child.

Depending on your child’s age, you may even need to be in the water and within arms’ reach at all times. For older children, be ready to enter the water in case of an emergency.

Parents are busy and often try to do many things at once to save time. But when you multi-task you can too easily become distracted and not give your full attention to the safety of your children.

Older children too are not equipped to deal with the responsibility of supervising children. It is an adult’s job and children of any age should never be burdened with the responsibility.

Royal Life Saving believes that one of the smartest ways to supervise children is to have a designated supervisor. Responsibility can be rotated and if there is a large number of children to supervise, leave an adult stationed at each different place where the children will play to monitor that area.

Remember, drowning happens quickly and silently so Keep Watch!

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