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Changed Swimming Pool Laws - Be Pool Safe

Resource Guide for New Pool Owners

Australians have a love of the water and this is reflected in our recreational pursuits with tens of millions of people each year visiting beaches, swimming pools, lakes, rivers and dams to undertake a variety of aquatic activities.

Unfortunately this interaction with water has a down side and every year more than 250 people drown in Australia. Children under the age of 5 are over-represented in these figures.

Swimming pools should be seen as a fun and enjoyable environment, especially for children, as it can assist in a child’s early physical and intellectual development. The ability to safely enjoy water continues to benefit us at all stages of our lives.

Drowning is the major cause of death of preventable death in children under 5 years of age. Prolonged submersion can also cause serious and permanent injury. These incidents can be significantly reduced by all of
us becoming aware of the potential hazards around swimming pools, learning resuscitation and participating in water awareness programs.

For every drowning death there are five hospitalisations due to immersion incidents. Victims of immersion can experience serious injuries including permanent neurological impairment. Such injuries and subsequent long term disabilities have serious impacts upon families and communities.

By following some simple safety precautions and following some water safety rules you, your family and friends can expect to have a lifetime of fun in and around your swimming pool.

Please take the time to read through the guide to ensure you start off with the right swimming pool attitude.

This resource will provide you and your family with information with all the information you need to safely enjoy your pool. Simply Download Here.