20,000 swims and counting!

Royal Life Saving and UNCLE TOBYS Swim My Way program celebrated 20,000 free swimming lessons in 2020, bringing the love of swimming to communities all around Australia. Find out more

Here’s to the next 10,000 swims...


Swimming is for everyone. And we want to get everyone swimming.

We may have the reputation as a nation of swimmers, but statistics show that the number of Australians swimming regularly fell 30% in the past decade, and nearly 5% of adults can’t swim at all.

Developed by UNCLE TOBYS in partnership with the Royal Life Saving Society - Australia, SWIM MY WAY, is supporting a variety of swimming programs for Australians of all ages. It’s designed to promote access and inclusion to get more Aussies active, having fun and growing their confidence in the water.

SWIM MY WAY, supported by Olympic swimmers, Cate and Bronte Campbell, marks the roll out of an expanded national program to address such statistics.

“SWIM MY WAY gives us the ability to run more programs targeting more Australians in local and community swimming pools throughout the country.  That translates directly to boosted water safety and confidence levels, including in inland and regional areas where swimming proficiency can be lower than in metropolitan and coastal areas.” Justin Scarr, CEO, Royal Life Saving.

The program supports learn-to-swim and aqua fitness classes, recreational water opportunities and support for the most vulnerable communities.

Olympic swimming gold medallist and UNCLE TOBYS ambassador, Cate Campbell, highlights that it is not just children who will benefit.

“I think some of us take swimming and access to the water for granted. It has certainly been an integral part of our lives and our growing up. But we recognise that’s not the case for everyone,” she said.

“We’re privileged to be part of a program that’s all about giving more people the chance to experience the simple joy of being in the water, including older Australians who need a health and confidence boost or people who just haven’t had the opportunity to learn to swim.”

UNCLE TOBYS spokesperson, Lisa May, said, “UNCLE TOBYS is all about providing good energy to fuel active, healthy lifestyles. We can’t think of a better place to live out our commitment than in the swimming pools of Australia, where we already have such a proud heritage. SWIM MY WAY is another step toward encouraging Australians of all ages to get into the water and enjoy it – in safety.”

To get involved in SWIM MY WAY, UNCLE TOBYS and Royal Life Saving are calling on all Australians to visit their local pool or aquatic centre and have a swim.


5 years ago, we met Joseph.  A kid from rural NSW who was terrified of the water and didn't know how to swim.  Thanks to our partnership with UNCLE TOBYS and the encouragement of Olympic Champion, Cate Campbell, Joseph began his journey learning to swim.

Since then Joseph has put his fear of the water behind him and developed into a confident swimmer. We went back to Joseph's hometown of Orange, NSW and suprised him with a visit from Cate Campbell.

Fact Sheet - Swimming Participation

Swimming is one of the most popular forms of physical recreation in Australia however adult participation has dropped off in recent years, and many minority groups are missing out on learning to swim altogether.

Learn to Swim in Rural and Remote Communities

These kids in remote Queensland often have to travel over 100km for swimming and water safety lessons.

#SWIMMYWAY is making learn to swim programs more accessible and getting more people swimming and active in the water.


Getting more people across Australia swimming and active in the water

SWIM MY WAY gives us the ability to run more programs to facilitate learn-to-swim and aqua fitness classes, recreational water opportunities and support for the most vulnerable communities.

Check out one of the SWIM MY WAY programs in action in ACT.