Lifesaving can take you from the classroom to the pool to anywhere there is water.

If you're a school teacher or responsible for students at a school, right here is where you will find great information on learning to swim programs, fun and interactive classroom activities, and keeping safe when you and your students are out and about.

In the Classroom

Schools in the Classroom

Let your students test their water safety knowledge with the National Water Safety Quiz, or learn all about water safety when they visit the fun and interactive Kids Zone. Find out about First Aid and Resuscitation and learn all about how to be Water Smart.

At the Pool

Schools at the Pool

Dive in to find out about Royal Life Saving's Swim and Survive Learn to Swim Programs, all about becoming a lifesaver and earning your Bronze Medallion, how to get involved in the action-packed sport of Pool Lifesaving and the standards which make an aquatic facility great.

Out and About

Schools Out and About

If you're heading out and about, you can learn about activities, equipment, personal and group safety, aquatic locations, and medical issues, right here.