Partnering with the aquatics industry, Royal Life Saving works to ensure the highest standards of safety at aquatic facilities and swimming pools across Australia. Some of our programs and resources include:

5 Star Aquatic Facilities

5 Star Water Safety swimming pools commit to an annual Aquatic Facility Safety Assessment undertaken by Royal Life Saving and have been deemed compliant against 40 pre-determined aquatic safety criteria.

Shallow Water Diving Guidelines

From 2008 all NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) Schools are required to implement Shallow Water Diving Guidelines prior to undertaking swimming carnival events. Royal Life Saving in consultation with the NSW Department of Education and Training, AUSTSWIM, and the Aquatic and Recreation Institute have developed a range of resources and guides to assist NSW DET Schools and Aquatic Facilities implement the necessary requirements.

Water Safety Guidelines for Unstructured Aquatic

The Water Safety Guidelines for Unstructured Aquatic Activities provide guidance to school principals and aquatic/excursion coordinators in the planning and implementation of unstructured aquatic activity at swimming pools such as celebration or reward days and free swimming activities.