Does the Bronze e-Lifesaving program cost anything?
No, the program is FREE to all Australian secondary school students. Teachers are required to order enrolment tokens for their class to be used by students to enrol in the course.

How do I get the enrolment tokens?
Once you have registered and logged into the e-learning platform, click on ‘Manage my tokens’ and then ‘Request a token order’. Order the number of tokens that you require for your class – each student will need an individual token. Enrolment tokens will be emailed to the address you have registered and you will need to allocate each student with a token.

Is there a resource that helps teachers to facilitate Bronze e-Lifesaving?
Yes, there is a Facilitators Guide to aid teachers. This screen by screen guide provides discussion points and extension activities to aid the teacher in facilitating the program. A link to download the guide will be provided in the email confirmation you will receive with the enrolment tokens for your class. 

Can I track students’ progress?
Teachers will be able to see who has used their token to enrol in the course, how far they have progressed through the course (%) and whether they have completed the course. Go to Manage my Tokens to view your token orders. Click on the number of tokens that will take you to that order. Click on 'Tokens' under your details and this will list your token codes and users.

Do students receive a certificate when they have finished the program?
Yes, when all components of each module have been completed students can print a certificate. There is a certificate for Unit 1 and Unit 2. A green certificate icon will be visible on the Unit tile when all requirements are completed. Simply click on this to download a PDF of the certificate.

Is this the Bronze Medallion as an online course?
No, this is not the Bronze Medallion. Bronze e-Lifesaving is a e-learning classroom program and does not involve practical skills. However, the content complements the Bronze Medallion and we encourage students to progress to completing the Bronze Medallion or other lifesaving awards.

What are the System Requirements?
To participate in Royal Life Saving’s online learning courses teachers and students will need access to a computer with:

  • An internet connection
  • An email address. If you don’t have one, you can easily set up a free account via Google, Hotmail or any number of providers.
  • Operating system of at least Windows XP or Mac OS
  • Internet browser – minimum requirement for Windows is Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and above (IE 8 does have some degraded display performance), or Mozilla Firefox 25.0 and above. For Mac users, Safari 6.0 and above (including iPad and iPhone)
  • Adobe Flash player and Adobe Acrobat reader – download these for free from the Adobe site as these are required in order to view certain aspects of the courses.