First Aid and CPR (resuscitation) are skills that all students can learn. But they're not just skills limited to the playground, school students will take those skills home, onto the sporting field, while they're out with their friends, and into the community.

A Royal Life Saving course will give school students the knowledge and confidence to administer first aid or CPR until professional medical help arrives. This earliest response could mean the difference between life and death.

School Teachers and those working with children, will also benefit from Royal Life Saving First Aid and Resuscitation courses. Whether as part of a mandatory employment requirement or to provide additional support to children in your care, you can find a course to suit your needs.

Group Bookings

Group Bookings are available through Royal Life Saving for school students and/or teachers. Group bookings allow you to choose your preferred date and time and give you the option of having the training conducted at your venue.

All Royal Life Saving courses have flexible delivery methods such as face-to-face and online components to suit your group training needs.

To make a Group Booking or to discuss delivery options, please contact your nearest Royal Life Saving State and Territory Member Organisation.

Campaign for Compulsory CPR in Schools

Schools in the Classroom 

With help from The Daily Telegraph and Royal Life Saving Society – NSW, 25 students from Hills Sport High at Seven Hills received CPR training – the first time any of them had learned about resuscitation.


The students learned the different resuscitation techniques required for babies, children and adults, using a ‘CPR in a BoxTM’ kit that includes a mannequin and instructional DVD.


David Macallister, Royal Life Saving Society – NSW CEO, said that while many schools were teaching CPR to students, many students receive no resuscitation training or water safety education. “The Society believes it would be a great contribution to the community to have this added to the national curriculum as standard practice,” he said.


Head PE Teacher at Hills Sport High, Rob Murie, agreed believing that all students from as early as Year 7 should receive CPR training. “Not all schools are fortunate to have it [resuscitation training], but the earlier they learn it, the better,” he said.