NT Sunday Infant Aquatics

Nightcliff Pool
21st October – 25th November 2018

Sunday’s Only

Lesson times
8.30 am – 9.00 am
9.00 am – 9.30 am
9:30 am - 10:00 am

Katherine Aquatic Centre
18th October - 24th November 2018

Thursday Afternoon
Friday Afternoon
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon


Swim and Survive Level:
Wonder and Courage have been chosen as the Swim and Survive program titles to reflect the hopes and aspirations of children and families as they embark on a lifetime of fun and safety in the water. Each program is structured into skill strands that ensure a balanced, comprehensive instructional approach to a child's aquatic education.

Water familiarisation program for parents and their children aged 6 to 36 months.
Wonder Award 1 6-12 months
Wonder Award 2 12-24 Months
Wonder Award 3 2-3 years

A program that builds water confidence for preschool aged children between the ages of 3-5 years.
Courage Award 1
Courage Award 2
Courage Award 3
Courage Award 4
Courage Award 5
Courage Award 6

Program Fees:
6 Weeks $100.00
4 Weeks (Water Safety Awareness Program only)
Water safety Awareness Program plus $50.00 (6 weeks)

Session times and classes may vary due to age and abilities all sessions are ½ hour sessions

As minimum numbers apply enrolments are required by Thursday 19 October 2018

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Nightcliff Pool - Enrolment form and information brochure

Katherine Aquatic Centre - Enrolment form and information brochure