About the campaign

In the past decade, 1,932 men have died in preventable tragedies. Drowning. One in four of these tragedies involved alcohol.

Men are four times more likely to drown than women, with males accounting for 80% of all drowning deaths.

Royal Life Saving with support by the Federal Government – have launched a campaign called “Don’t Let Your Mates Drink And Drown”.

We are urging men to look out for their mates by avoiding alcohol around water, and to stand up to the sorts of risk taking behaviour that can and do lead to tragic accidents and drownings.

A culture of drinking while swimming, boating or fishing means men are at greater risk of drowning.

For many Australian men an esky of stubbies is just as important on a fishing trip as the bait. We have to change this risk taking behaviour that is causing drowning. The fact is that alcohol and water don’t mix. Alcohol impairs your judgement, reduces your coordination and delays your reaction time.

Look out for each other. Don’t let your mates drink and drown.

Royal Life Saving Don't Let your Mates Drink and Drown