About the campaign

In the past decade, 1,995 men have died in preventable tragedies. Drowning. Two in five men had drugs and/or alcohol in their system.

Men are four times more likely to drown than women, with males accounting for 80% of all drowning deaths.

Royal Life Saving Society - Australia, with support of the Federal Government, have launched a new drowning prevention campaign in time for summer. The campaign is urging men to look out for their mates and stand up to the sorts of risk taking behaviour that can lead to accidents and drowning.

A culture of risk taking behaviour among men can be dangerous around water, and when combined with alcohol and/or drugs it is often fatal.

Almost a quarter (24%) of male drowning deaths involved alcohol alone. Of the men who had been drinking and subsequently drowned, 67% would have failed a random breath test with a recorded a blood alcohol content above 0.05.

Be like Dave

Dave is the face of the 'Don't Let Your Mates Drink and Drown' campaign. He's an all round top bloke who looks out for his mates by not letting them make stupid decisions.

Be like Dave. Look out for your mates.

Dave's Tips For Looking Out For Your Mates:

  • Stand up to your mates if they suggest swimming or taking out a boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    "Woah, easy there. Where do you think you're going? Not in your state mate." 
  • Suggest alternative activities away from the water when under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    - Challenge your mates to a round of ping pong, watch your favourite sport on the tele, or take a good ol' nap.
  • Enjoying the water before any drugs alcohol consumed
  • Not leaving them alone if they’re under the influence around water

Key Facts

  • 1,995 men aged 15 years and over have fatally drowned between 1 July 2007 and 30 June 2017
    • 464 cases were known to involve alcohol (24%)
    • 436 cases were known to involve drugs (22%)
    • 726 cases were known to involve alcohol and/or drugs (37%)
  • Men aged 25-34 account for 19% of all male drowning deaths.
  • 46% of men aged 25-34 years who drowned were known to involve alcohol and/or drugs (166 deaths out of 361)
  • 47% of male drowning deaths in rivers, creeks and streams were known to involve alcohol and/or drugs (261 deaths out of 556)

Campaign Materials

A range of resources have been developed as part of the campaign: