Keep Watch 0 - 12 Months

Always actively supervise children around water

Life Stages 0-12 MonthsEvery year four children under the age of 12 months drown in Australia. Three quarters of these drowning deaths occur around the home, in bathtubs, backyard swimming pools, buckets and eskies.

Bath time poses one of the highest risks of drowning for infants with 39 children drowning in bathtubs and spa baths in the past fifteen years. A lack of adequate adult supervision is the main cause of drowning deaths in this life stage.Actions to prevent your child 0-12 months from drowning include:

  • Always actively supervise children around water
  • Ensure you have everything needed for bathing before entering the bathroom e.g. towels, clothes
  • Bath water should be kept to a minimum depth
  • Children are not to be left alone or in the care of an older child while in the bath or around water
  • Supervising adult should always maintain physical contact with children in or around water
  • Learn CPR. Enrol in a course or update your skills
  • Create a safe play area to restrict a child’s access to water around the home
  • Empty buckets and containers that can hold water

Click here to download the information brochure for drowning prevention strategies for 0-12 month olds