Keep Watch 11 - 16 Years

Establish rules around water

Life Stages 11-16 YearsEvery year eight teenagers between the ages of 11 and 16 years drown in Australia. Half occur in inland waterways such as rivers, lakes and dams. Over two thirds are male.

In this age group, teenagers become more independent and supervision may also be provided by peers and lifeguards. A strong urge to comply with the morals and behaviours of their peer group can lead to risk taking behaviour. The influence of drugs and alcohol can also increase a teenager’s risk of drowning during these years.

Actions to prevent your 11 to 16 year old from drowning include:

  • Parents to discourage risk taking behaviour around water
  • Teenagers to learn survival and rescue skills
  • Parents to discuss dangers of alcohol and drugs with aquatic activity
  • Parents to continue to model and reinforce safe behaviours around water
  • Teenagers to learn CPR and emergency skills

Click here to download the information brochure for drowning prevention strategies for 11 -16 year olds