Keep Watch 12-36 Months

Always actively supervise children around water

Keep Watch Life Stages 12-36 MonthsEvery year 20 children between the ages of 12 and 36 months drown in Australia. Many occur in a few seconds when parents and carers are distracted. Active adult supervision is essential in protecting your child from drowning.

Over 50% of all drowning deaths occur in home swimming pools posing the greatest drowning risk. Children commonly access the pool through a faulty fence, a propped open gate or by climbing on objects such as a table or BBQ.

Actions to prevent your child 12-36 months from drowning include:

  • Always actively supervise children around water
  • Supervising adult should have physical contact or be within arms’ reach of the child
  • Ensure pool fence is correctly installed, regularly maintained & gate is never left open
  • Create a safe play area to restrict a child’s access to water around the home
  • Establish simple rules such as no going near water without an adult
  • Enrol your child in water familiarisation lessons
  • Learn CPR. Enrol in a course or update your skills
  • Empty buckets and containers that can hold water around the home

Click here to download the information brochure for drowning prevention strategies for 12-36 month olds