National Water Safety Quiz

A fun and interactive online water safety quiz

Royal Life Saving has developed the National Water Safety Quiz (NWSQ), a fun and interactive online quiz that tests Australian children’s knowledge of how to keep safe in, on, and around the water. The Quiz is a perfect activity for kids to do at home or in the classroom.

The Quiz' 27 questions ask children to identify:

  • Safe and unsafe behaviours and hazards at a variety of aquatic locations
  • Correct and incorrect water safety rules at a variety of aquatic locations
  • Survival and rescue skills for use in emergency situations
  • CPR procedures

Children have 20 minutes to answer as many questions as they can and, once completed, they will receive a certificate which they can print.

But the quiz has a deeper purpose. Royal Life Saving will use the Quiz results to get an understanding of the water safety knowledge of Australian children. Areas where knowledge is lacking will be targeted in future Royal Life Saving education programs.

To access the quiz please visit