Aqua Quiz

Test your water safety knowledge with Lochie the Lifeguard

There are a wide range of activities to suit children of all ages, including dot to dot, unscramble the words and crossword puzzles!

Download the Aqua Quiz onto your computer. Once you have done that, you can print the booklet and start working through the water safety activities.

When you are finished, don't forget to complete your Certificate at the back of the booklet and share your achievements with your Parent or Carer, Classroom Teacher or Swim and Survive Instructor.

Share the link to the Quiz with your friends to help Royal Life Saving teach more children just like you, how to Be Water Smart!

Everyone can be a lifesaver - that includes you!


Download the Swim and Survive Aqua Quiz

Swim and Survive Aqua Quiz

Something Eerie App

Something Eerie is an educational water safety game with a twist and a bit of mystery!

The App aims to engage children in learning about water safety in a fun and innovative way. It’s aimed at children aged 8-12 years and can be played at home, at school or in the car on the way to swimming lessons!

Players join Ruby and her friends as they embark on six adventures in the town of Eerie  Creek.

After finding a mysterious journal, they set out to solve the mysteries of creatures that haunt Eerie’s waterways. The interactive stories teach players to be prepared, and take precautions
to keep safe when in, on and around water, as well as what to do when faced with an emergency.

The stories are set in a range of locations including a stormwater drain, river, lake, waterhole, at a farm and waterpark, and highlight the dangers at these locations as well
as key water safety tips.

To download Something Eerie App visit: App Store or Google Play

Something Eerie App

Water Safety Around the Home

Tips for around the home.

Keep it safe at your house.

Don't let your home become a hazard house.

  • Always supervise kids in or around a pool.
  • Toys left in the pool attract kids.
  • Don't forget to shut the pool gate.


Download the Water Safety Around the Home Activity Sheet HERE

Water Safety Around the House

Water Safety at the Beach

Be aware of the dangers

Swimming at the beach is fun but there are some dangers we must be aware of.

  • Swim with a buddy and look after each other.
  • Pick a point on the beach so that you don't drift too far from the swimming area.
  • Swim parallel to the beach so that you don't end up too far out.


Download the Water Safety at the Beach Activity Sheet HERE

Water Safety at your Local Pool

Safety tips for your local pool

Swimming pools are cool if you know the rules.

  • Obey signs giving advice
  • Check the depth markings
  • Lifeguards will help you have fun safely
  • Play safely with pool equipment


Download the Water Safety at the Pool Activity Sheet HERE

Water Safety For Rivers, Lakes and Dams

By the water is fun but we must be aware of the dangers.

  • Warning signs can save your life.
  • Beware of boats. Do not swim near boat ramps or in boating areas.
  • Always wear a lifejacket when your in a boat.
  • Be careful of slippery or steep banks.


Download the Water Safety Tips for Rivers, Lakes and Dams activity sheet HERE