Royal Life Saving National Summer Drowning Toll

Royal Life Saving research shows a consistent peak in fatal drowning cases in the summer months. In a bid to understand the increased risks during this time, each year, we publish the Summer Drowning Toll from 1 December to the end of February, which charts drowning incidents around Australia in these months. This serves as a timely vehicle for us to promote safety advice in conjunction with our ongoing drowning prevention campaigns for particularly high-risk groups and communities, such as men, children and people from multicultural communities.

The purpose of the Summer Drowning Toll is to report on drowning number based on real-time report from the media and police reporting.

This year’s summer drowning toll has a different look and feel, using a dashboard to present drowning over summer in graphs that will provide a comparison to the same time last year and the 5-year average. We hope this will provide more information than in previous years.

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