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Unstructured Activity Guidelines

The Water Safety Guidelines for Unstructured Aquatic Activities provide guidance to school principals and aquatic/excursion coordinators so they can better plan and safely implement unstructured aquatic activities.

The Water Safety Guidelines provide:

  • Information on selecting appropriate aquatic venues
  • Administrative processes for planning unstructured aquatic activity
  • Staff and student induction information
  • Criteria to determine students' proficiency
  • Information on the use of wrist bands to differentiate between the proficient and non-proficient swimmers
  • Surveillance and scanning information specific to aquatic environments

The guidelines were developed in consultation with three sectors of education in NSW, peak water safety agencies and the aquatics industry, and are in line with the Australian Water Safety Strategy 2008–2011.

These Guidelines only apply to unstructured aquatic activities, such as:

  • Celebration or reward days either for individual classes or the whole school
  • Free swimming as part of an excursion
  • Free swimming incorporated in a school swimming carnival
  • Free swimming or pool play at a school camp
  • Free swimming in a weekly school sport program.