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RLS Representative Teams

2017 Aussie Barras Squad

The Aussie Barras Squad 2017 was selected at the Australian Pool Life Saving Championships 2017.

The Aussie Barras Squad 2017 are:

Bradley Woodward, NSW
Sam Bell, QLD
Jake Smith, WA
Tim Schofield, NSW
Mitch Parkes, NSW

Pamela Hendry, QLD
Mariah Jones, QLD
Samantha Howe, VIC
Prue Davies, QLD
Ela Heiniger, NSW

Team Coach – James Evans (VIC)
Team Manager – Max Gonzalez (NSW)

Silver Barras (Under 19)

The Silver Barras are an Under 19 development team selected annually as part of the RLSSA sport development pathway for athletes.

The Under 19 Silver Barras 2017 are:

James Petropoulos, VIC
Ethan Garland, NSW
Brendon Smith, VIC
Jackson Chapman, QLD

Jemma Smith, NSW
Chantal Luxton, QLD
Rachel Wood, NSW
Madeline Thomson, WA

Team Coach – Blake McCrindle (NSW)
Team Manager – Cherry Bailey (ACT)

Junior Barras (Under 16)

The RLSSA Junior Barras are an Under 16 Development Representative team dedicated to the continued progression of athletes' Pool Lifesaving skills.

The Under 16 Junior Barras 2017 are:

Lachlan Braddish, NSW
Sam Rudland, QLD
Trenton Johnson, VIC
Thomas Dale, VIC
Joseph Warne, QLD

Anthea Warne, QLD
Madison Howe, WA
Caitlin Huell, VIC
Bronte Smith, NSW
Kayla Holmes, NSW

Team Coach – Rachelle King (NSW)
Team Manager – Ryan Chapman (QLD)