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Commonwealth Lifesaving Championships

The Royal Life Saving Society is the Commonwealth's largest water-safety education, lifesaving and lifeguard training organisation. RLSS Commonwealth is represented in over 40 diverse countries with over two million lifesaving and resuscitation awards taken annually worldwide.

This event is only open for Commonwealth nations to participate and the Championships are sanctioned by the Commonwealth Games Federation and the ILS Federation.

Royal Life Saving Society - Australia (RLSSA) hosted the RLSS Commonwealth Lifesaving Championships 2013 in Canberra, ACT, Australia on Wednesday 4th - Sunday 8th September 2013.

The Commonwealth and Australian Pool Life Saving Short Course Championships 2013 were also held in Canberra during the Commonwealth Lifesaving Championships program on Wednesday 4th September 2013. It was great to see a number of RLSSA members and Commonwealth nations taking part in this inaugural event which tested the athletes speed and skills across a number of short course Pool Lifesaving events.

For further information on the RLSS Commonwealth Lifesaving Championships please visit the RLSS Commonwealth website.