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International Sport Development

Royal Life Saving Society - Australia is committed to helping neighbouring nations to prevent loss of life from drowning through Lifesaving sport education and skill development, particularly in Asian countries.

In the past RLSSA has assisted countries such as Singapore, China, India and the Philippines through the provision of Officials and Coaching Workshops as well as Lifesaving Sport development activities and assisting with the development of key water safety and drowning prevention skills.

Officials' and Lifesaving Sport Workshop 2012

Great Titan Lifesaving Sports Festival - Philippines 

RLSSA Representatives in Philippines Sport Development in 2012

RLSSA representatives - Shayne and Di Baker, Roz and Geoff Grey, Sing Ma, Blake McCrindle and Chris Veal travelled to Bacolod City, Philippines to attend the Great Titan Lifesaving Sports Festival in April 2012 to promote Lifesaving sport and assist with the development of Lifesaving in the Philippines.

RLSSA hosted a Lifesaving Officials' workshop as well as participating in Lifesaving sport workshops and Swim and Survive water safety activities for more than 400 children.

The Philippine Lifesaving Society hosted the Symposium on Drowning Prevention which included a RLSSA presentation on Collaboration on Drowning Prevention along with a Water Safety Workshop facilitated by RLSSA.

Chris Veal Great Titan Philippines 2012Pool Lifesaving representatives Blake McCrindle (NSW) and Chris Veal (VIC) also took part in the Great Titan Lifesaving Sports Festival competition as equipment handlers, instructors and invitational competitors alongside competitors from Korea and regions of the Philippines - Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. 

Officials Workshop 2011

Ningbo, China

Former RLSSA National President and current RLSSA Education and Training Adviser, Shayne Baker travelled to Ningbo, China in September 2011 to conduct an Official's Training Workshop on behalf of the China Life Saving Association.

Fifty-four officials attended the workshop which focused on the structure of Lifesaving competition and Lifesaving Sport events conducted at the World Lifesaving Championships. 

The Official's Training Workshop provided China Life Saving officials with the necessary skills to officiate at a Lifesaving event. The trainees also took part in a practical assessment as part of the 2011 Asian Pool Life Saving Championships with competing teams from Singapore, Hong Kong, Iran and Macau.