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World Lifesaving Championships - Rescue Series

Every two years the International Life Saving Federation organises the World Life Saving Championships.

The World Lifesaving Championships include the following competitions:

  • National Teams World Lifesaving Championships
  • Interclub Teams World Lifesaving Championships
  • Masters World Lifesaving Championships
  • Optional Open Events World Lifesaving Championships including Surfboats and Inflatable Rescue Boats (IRB) World Lifesaving Championships.

The World Lifesaving Championships involve between 2,500 and 5,000 competitors and officials and last some 14 days.

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The Australian Life Saving Team is joint venture between Royal Life Saving Society - Australia and Surf Life Saving Australia to select athletes to represent Australia to compete at selected competitions throughout the year.

World Lifesaving Championships Rescue 2016

The World Lifesaving Championships - Rescue 2016 were held in Eindhoven and Noordwijk, The Netherlands from 1- 18 September 2016,

Congratulations to the Open Australian Life Saving Team for finishing second in the Lifesaving World Championships 2016. While the Australian team ended ahead on the overall medal tally with 10 gold, they were beaten by their main rivals, New Zealand for the Championship title. To view all the results visit:

The Australian Youth Team dominated the Lifesaving World Youth Championship to take home the crown again. With 35 medals Australia became World Champions! With almost 200 points ahead of runner up New Zealand, the youth of Australia did a great job defending their title of Rescue 2014. To view all the results visit:

World Lifesaving Championships 2018

The Australian Life Saving team selectors have named 47 athletes to represent Australia over the next 18 months leading up to the Life Saving  World Championships 2018. The championships will be held in Adelaide from 17 November – 2 December 2018. For full team details please click here.