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National Sport Committee

The Royal Life Saving Society - Australia Pool Lifesaving National Sport Committee supports the ideals and elements of the International Olympic Committee Charter 2010 with specific reference to page 11, section 4 which states:

The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practising sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.

RLSSA does not through any policy or regulation impose any restriction or ban on Australian Lifesavers and encourages participation in sport in any capacity for health, fitness and well being as well as the potential to forge lifelong friendships, provide opportunities for travel and most importantly develop the skills to save life in the general community.

The Royal Life Saving Society – Australia Pool Lifesaving National Sport Committee:

  • Provides strategic and operational direction to the RLSSA National Board in matters pertaining to Pool Lifesaving Sport.
  • Supports States and Territories in increasing Pool Lifesaving Sport participation.
  • Provides support and advocacy to all States and Territories in matters pertaining to Pool Lifesaving Sport.
  • Conducts the Australian Pool Life Saving Championships (APLSC) and other National Pool Lifesaving Competitions to world's best standards.
  • Provides pathways to athletes, coaches and officials to international teams and competitions.
  • Supports RLSS Commonwealth Lifesaving sport and participation.
  • Provides RLSSA athletes to Australian Lifesaving Teams to contest the World Lifesaving Championships and World Games.
  • Provides advice and targeted support to International Lifesaving in Pool Lifesaving.

The RLSSA National Sport Committee consists of a representative from each State and Territory. Current National Sport Committee Representatives are:

  • National Sport Advisor - David Macallister
  • Australian Capital Territory - Cherry Bailey
  • New South Wales - Felysia Konakoff
  • Northern Territory - Laura Withers
  • Queensland - Kate Forrester
  • South Australia - Kelly Maidment
  • Victoria - Anni Gardiner
  • Western Australia - Thomas Ballantyne